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What about foreign press so well represented at Villegiature Awards ?

As Yvonne van der Klaauw and Sophie Janssen for Hotel Pulitzer in Amsterdam say it: Villegiature Awards are not simply an award like the other hospitality or travel awards where managers just need to ask to a maximum of their clients and friends to call a special number in order to get a maximum of votes and by then getting easily an award. No, Villegiature Awards are valuable because it is only a team of more than 20 leading  journalists from really famous and respected media that need to  be conviced : this is very different and explains the unique value of Villegiature Awards.
The journalists contributing to American, Brasilian, Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Arabian, Middle-East, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Australian, Russian and French medias are real trend leaders, opinion leaders in their home country and their vote – by secret ballot , is one of the most respected ever. As François Delahaye (Dorchester Hotels) and Didier Boidin (SBM Hotels) say it :  65 to 75% of their turnover  is done by foreign customers… So it is essential matter !

Laith Bazari

Correspondant et envoyé special de la chaîne de télévision Al Arabiya dans le monde entier, Laith Bazari couvre plus particulièrement les sujets d'art de vivre, de voyages, de gastronomie, de design, de culture et de mode.