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Art universe at Villegiature Awards

As more and more investors and hotels managers dedicate significant budgets for art exhibitions with original paintings, sculptures and even unique pieces of furniture located not only in hotels  public areas : lobby, restaurants, bar,  corridors, spa and fitness areas but also within the suites and in the rooms, we have decided at Villegiature Awards organisation to launch as of this 2018 edition a new category dedicated to art.
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Five criteria :
– 1/ Description of the global art concept.
– 2/ It is asked to explain the type of art pieces exhibited. Are they original, authentic works of art, or if it is copies in limited edition, or lithographies,  that by the way, are also accepted in this category, but it must me precised.
– 3/  Regarding the furniture within the hotel , it is asked if hotel furniture is period furniture coming from art galleries and antic dealers or if the furniture comes from furniture contractors specialized in hospitality equipement.
4/  Spaces : it is asked if there is a specific space dedicated to art exhibitions in the public areas, and if the hotel management is focusing on a specific type of art, or a specific period.
5/ To conclude,  hotel managers can add and explain other points related to their art contribution all year long.

For the launch of this new category, a special promotional code is issued valid till
next March 15th , 2018 : ARTYVA18 with a 15% discount on the participation cost when registering online.


Rémy Le Liepvre

Rémy Le Liepvre is founder of the Villegiature Awards created in 2003 and is Chief Editor of the "VillegMag" and the magazine "Villegiature Mag".