What about foreign press so well represented at Villegiature Awards ?

As Yvonne van der Klaauw and Sophie Janssen for Hotel Pulitzer in Amsterdam say it: Villegiature Awards are not simply an award like the other hospitality or travel awards where managers just need to ask to a maximum of their clients and friends to call a special number in order to get a maximum of votes and by then getting easily an award. No, Villegiature Awards are valuable because it is only a team of more than 20 leading  journalists from really famous and respected media that need to  be conviced : this is very different and explains the unique value of Villegiature Awards.
The journalists contributing to American, Brasilian, Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Arabian, Middle-East, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Australian, Russian and French medias are real trend leaders, opinion leaders in their home country and their vote – by secret ballot , is one of the most respected ever. As François Delahaye (Dorchester Hotels) and Didier Boidin (SBM Hotels) say it :  65 to 75% of their turnover  is done by foreign customers… So it is essential matter !