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A really spacious and unique spa at Raffles Istanbul

Out of its 3000 sqm area, the Raffles Istanbul devides well the active part : fitness area, pools and gym exercises, from the passive area with wholistic wellness treatments, facials, saunas, steam rooms and hammams.

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The exclusive brand  Gazelli and The Organic Pharmacy have created a comprehensive set menus that use as base treatment the Gazelli White Oil found only in Azerbaijan and not available in any other place in the world. Those solutions generate the so unique facials, treatments and  therapies specifically dedicated to the Raffles Istanbul Spa guests.
Also from The Organic Pharmacy, one of the mosts requested treatment is the famous Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial that is a tribute to Turkey, the land of roses.

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As far as interior design is concerned The Raffles Istanbul Spa has been completely supervised by the HBA studio in  Atlanta -USA, around the theme « An Istanbul dream » that also incorporates art elements  into the design with an extensive collection of over 200 art pieces. HBA is world-renowned as the “Number 1 Hospitality Design Firm ” by Interior Design and honored in 2014 by the Gold Key Awards. HBA that stands for Hirsch Bedner Associates, unveils the world ’s most anticipated hotels, resorts, casinos and spas and has already been mentionned for many nominated and Villegiature Awards winners since 2003.

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The Raffles Istanbul

Zorlu Center
34340 Istanbul,

Tel.:+90 212 924 0200



The Raffles Istanbul Spa :

Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Fitness: 24 Hours
Tel: +90 212 924 0320
Email: [email protected]