Fairmont Flame Towers Baku Best Hotel Architecture & Interior Design in the World

For Villegiature Award 2020-2021 Grand Prize Best hotel Architecture and Interior Design in the world, winner is Fairmont Baku Flame Towers, Azerbaïdjan, a ACCOR Hotel.
Federico Toresi ACCOR Vice President Design for Luxury Brands explains here to Elke Büchter  the very original, unique concept of Fairmont Baku Flame Towers that implied 2 famous studios : HOK International for global architecture and HBA – Hirsch Bedner Associates for the interior Design.

The questions to Federico :

– What is the global design concept of Fairmont Baku ? Do you know some stories about the ignition of this project and how it was finally achieved ?

– How worked out the relation with architect interior designer Barry Hughes at HOK Studio ?

– Azerbaïdjan is surrounded at south side by Iran, on the west side by Armenia and on the North by Georgia and Russia. What do you know about this region local tastes in terms of architecture and interior design ? Do they privilege confort or services ?