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Grand Hotel Via Veneto, in the very heart of today’s Rome

At last 2017 edition of the Villegiature Awards, Grand Hotel Via Veneto is successfully shortlisted and nominated in three categories : for its very trendy restaurant, Magnolia, with the so creative Chef Franco Madama that got a first Michelin Star in 2016, for the service in the hotel, and for its small but remarkable spa, specially appreciated for the excellent massages proposed. Romina Lupattelli, Director of Sales of the hotel answers our questions along with Elena Bruno a famous expert that spent many years at top level management within several European iconic hotels like Hotel de Russie in Rome that got the first grand prix in …2003 some 15 years ago.

Rosario Salgueiro

Correspondent in Paris for RTP, the 1st Portuguese television channel, Rosario is covering the whole current events in Europe. Rosario Salgueiro has a passion for travelling and has a good knowledge of the most beautiful hotels all over the world.