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By Sandra Iskander

It’s where all the A-listers head to when they are in London and now we know why Chiltern Firehouse is such a hit.


The hotel maybe famous for its restaurant patio where diners go to see and be seen but the hotel also hides a speakeasy patio where guests can take their delicious cocktails from the 20’s-inspired bar to the hidden patio to enjoy it with a cigarette if they wish.


How do you get there? You need to go to the bathroom where discreetly you will find a seemingly innocent full length mirror marked Cigarettes and Men, push the mirror and you will find yourself on the other side where discretion is key and fun is de rigueur.

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1 Chiltern St, London W1U 7PA
+44 20 7073 7676


Sandra Iskander

Editor-in-Chief of WHERE magazine in France, the most read monthly magazine by affluent tourists in Paris. Sandra is also the Editor-in-Chief of the foreign language editions of WHERE magazine available in Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and in Spanish.