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For a happy, relieving and smiling new year !

Villegiature means happiness, good spirit, space and long-lasting happy time in an pleasant, natural and  elegant place.
So for this 2021 year beginnning we hope all hoteliers – who face, for more than a year, times of absolutely unprecedented difficulty –  will find, despite all, opportunities to work again seriously, and then finally get some real time to relax, enjoy every rare moment of relieving time, smile  and laugh without any constraint ! This short video shows how much successfull and famous personalities, with heavy and often really tough responsabilities for iconic brands or influent activities,  do smile and enjoy their positions they fought so hard to achieve.
At Villegiature organisation, we are currently considering three additional  iconic and famous partners that will enable us significant and really nice rewards for all Villegiature Awards hotels nominees and winner.

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