For nearly 2 years time, Covid-19 is ruining our everyday lives…

The war is tough and global. While most hotels, restaurants, cinemas and theatres in the world were forced to close down, we had no other choice than protect ourselves and wait till scientists find a valuable sustainable solution. In our current situation as in any, the zero risk does not exist. A vaccine risk always remains but in such low level that it is much riskier not to get vaccinated than to get vaccinated..

We’ve been all trying hard to mask ourselves by all means. At Villegiature, the numerous ZOOM conferences we organised enabled us to save the current edition and we will announce next Oct. 18th in Paris extremely interesting results. Fortunately when scientists are forced to succeed: they go wild and generate true efficiency. And BINGO !!! In one year more than 3 vaccines prove really effective.
Then in order to stop this terrible social distancing we’ve been forced to respect, I really encourage all staff and mangers in any hotel in the world to trust vaccines.

I know this tribune is very read by medium and high-ranked managers within top hotels spread all over the world. Would you disagree about my personal point-of-view: do not hesitate to exchange with me at [email protected]
Music : soundtrack from the film “BAC NORD” by Cedric Jimenez (2021)