ULTIMA GSTAAD serves the very best hotel breakfast in the world

For the Best Hotel Breakfast in the world, it is the Ultima Gstaad that won the Award. Here is the interview of Managing Partner Michala Chatel at the ULTIMA COLLECTION Group of hotels.
The result was offically announced by Masae Hara, the notorious contributor to iconic japanese magazine BI PREMIUM specialized in lifestyle information, gastronomy, high-end hotels and resorts spread all over the world and also design. Masae Hara also contributes regularly to Vogue Japon, CREA Traveller and the Nikkei Luxe magazine from the Nikkei Shimbun financial and economic newspaper.

The Questions to Michala :
– Breakfast is very studied and thoughtful at Ultima Gstaad. Can you speak to us about the creation process of this unique breakfast ?

– You impressed many journalists jury members when you spoke about the colour of the big country eggs served at breakfast. Can you tell us the story ?

– What is the marketing position of Ultima Collection regarding the various charming hotels you have in the Alps ?