LA BOUITTE in the french Alps : Best hotel website in the world !

René Meilleur is the famous 3 Michelin starred chef that owns the discreet but very famous hotel LA BOUITTE in France. With the help and advises of Api & You webdesign studio LA BOUITTE received the coveted VILLEGIATURE AWARD of BEST HOTEL WEBSITE IN THE WORLD. René Meilleur explains to me why his website is so rich of informations, videos and stories detailing an amazing ambiance that people from all over the world come to discover and taste. Few minutes after my interview with Chef René, Rémi OHAYON founder and CEO of Api & You studios explains to Elke Büchter his vision of future internet websites for high-end hotels.

LA BOUITTE  Hameau de St Marcel  73440  Saint-Martin de Belleville , France  Tel.: +33 4 79 08 96 77  [email protected]m

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