PALAIS NAMASKAR : magic to disconnect from the world

Forget about the racket of plaza Djemaa el Fna, leave the medina´s swarming labyrinth of narrow streets behind you, and let the acrobats, tricksters and water vendors pass on by. Don’t stop in the market to haggle because this time around we are taking you to a different Marrakech: where the excitement of the city meets the serenity of the Atlas Mountains and the Djebilet Hills and we find ourselves at the Palais Namaskar, more than a hotel: a magical place where time seems to stop.


“Offer a unique and magical place to disconnect from the world” has been Hotel Palais Namaskar´s simple yet powerful philosophy since their doors opened in April of 2012. Conceived, following the principles of Feng Shui, by Imaad Rahmouni, disciple Philippe Starks, and the owner and creator P. Soulier, Palais Namaskar is a mix between the archetypal Orient (to feel a small part of Granada´s Alhambra itself with its exquisite fountains framed by Moorish style arches) and its contemporary interior.


41 suites, villas and palaces make up the idyllic space where our “sole” duty will be to disconnect, as the tempting promise of Palais Namaskar states: “revive health regain equilibrium and relax”. We´ll begin with our villa, minimalist and serenely decorated, overlooking a private pool and Jacuzzi. Can you feel the calming desert calling you?

We´ll continue on through the marvelous Spa with treatments by Guerlain and ila, focusing on both spiritual and physical healing. Not quite enough? How about a stroll through its 50,000 square meters of scented gardens complemented by cascading waterfalls and lakes? Now you begin to feel it, you´re starting to abandon the earth a bit and you find yourself levitating in another dimension. And to finish your “treatment”, dinner in ‘Le Namaskar’; where French and Moroccan cuisine invite us to reach absolute ecstasy.


The hotel has a lifestyle boutique that specializes in selected jewelry brands by local designers such as: «Ma fleur», «Les 7001 nuits», «La Nomade», a true immersion into Marrakesh sophistication.

Hotel Team

-General Manager : Mr Khalid Chigri
-Head of Sales : Mme Laila Boujir
-Front office Manager : Mme Sara Hawileh
– Chef Cuisinier : Mr Elhachem Oulhouss
– Manager Spa : Mme Fatimzahra Elazizi

Palais Namaskar
Route de Bab Atlas, No.88/69
Marrakech, Morocco

The Namaskar 2017 team also recommends the following boutiques  :
Note that all those shops can handle the shipment and you will not need a guide as a hotel car can drop you off at the shop.

Moroccan Clothing and Accessories

Karim Bouryad – 2, Rue Fatim Zahra, R’mila. Dar El Bacha
Traditional and modern Moroccan clothes in an elegant shop. They also sell leather bags, babouches and other accessories

Embroideries, carpets, home decoration, textiles and gift shops

Bazar du sud – 05 24 44 30 04, Souk des Tapis
Excellent carpet shop that sells mainly newly made carpets at very reasonable prices. Most of the carpets at  Amanjena come from here.

Darbba Moulay Youssef – 05 24 42 31 00 , 61 avenue My Abdellah
Lanterns, home decorations are made by Moulay Youssef who has been nominated by the King of Morocco as one of the country’s 11 great artisans. His workmanship is beyond anything else you will find in town. A visit to his show room is as unique as Moulay Youssef is himself.


KIS – Tel.: 0656 040270, 36 Derb Fhal Chidmi, Mouassine, Medina

KIS (Keep It Secret) is a by-appointment boutique hidden on the upper story of a tiny Medina house that carries caftans, accessories as well as jewellery designed in a Moroccan and modern style by Caroline Constancio.

Art and antiques

Khalid Art Gallery – Tel.: 0524 44 24 10, Rue Dar El Bacha
Antiques, lanterns, jewellery, embroideries, painting, great collection, one of the best art dealers in town.

Dar Bou Ziane – 20/21 Rue Sidi El Yamani , Ksour
Beautiful collection of vases, Cedar wood chest, Bronze lanterns, camel bone, tables, old collection of doors, ceramics, pottery, embroideries plus other old pieces

Spices and Flavours

Herboristerie Bab Agnaou – Tel.: +212 0 524 39 16 32, 1 entrée Bab Agnaou, quartier El Kasba
A walk in the Medina of Marrakech will bring you to a whole different world of fantastic balms, herbal teas and dozens of intense spices qualities to choose from. See also here a video.


Musée de Marrakech – Tel.: 05 24 39 09 11 / 12 , Place Ben Youssef 
This museum is in the ancient palace Mnebhi and covers 2000 Sq Meters. It has exhibitions of contemporary Moroccan Art in a unique location. The museum holds exhibits of both modern and traditional Moroccan art together with fine examples of historical books, coins and pottery of Moroccan Jewish, Berber and Arab cultures.