The african villegiature expands south east

If Morocco cities like Marrakesh or Casablanca gather more than ever several one-of-a-kind  hotels with hotels managers knowing how to present at best their hotel with serious arguments, at this 2019 edition,  the Villegiature Awards organisation was also really enthousiastic to receive many messages from hundreds of african hotels managers located in other far away parts of Africa. They were indicating us they will also participate and present their hotel. Hence, and I must say, for the first time in this proportion since we launched the african awards , we were finally in contact with more than 70 impressive hotels located i.e in South-Africa, in Zimbabwe, in Tanzania, and also of course in Cabo Verde, Maldives and Seychelles islands. Meawhile many of the applications we should have received  were  simply either not received at all or totally incomplete.  In order to make Villegiature Awards a valuable approach, we cannot just receive a bulk of hundreds of photos to convince  the team of journalists jury members. Specially since most of them are really influent,  they are very often sollicitated by hotels communication managers, General Managers and even sometimes hotels owners directly.
The respect of Villegiature Awards rules is by then essential. At Villegiature a hotel manager has to fight at least a little to justify a hotel is to be considered as the very best one in its area.  This is the reason why the application file consisting of only 1 page per category is to be filled in with serious care. No need to spend hours on it, but the essential facts and arguments are to be clearly mentionned, otherwise the risk not to be nominated is relatively high, even though a reputation can be high.

That apart, I must say this 2019 african edition will be outstanding, see here below the nominated hotels :


One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

Egypt in Cairo with the Fairmont Nile city  nominated in Best Business Hotel as well as the Royal Maxim Palace  KempinskiKenya : with Alfajiri Villas nominated in Grand Prix Best Hotel in Africa.

In Maldives islands  the One & Only  Reethi Rah nominated for its website and in Grand Prix Best Hotel in Africa and in Mauritius  Island the very favorite hotel of american movie stars in those islands : Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa nominated in Grand Prix Best Hotel in Africa.

The Casablanca Hotel, Jasmine terrace

The Casablanca Hotel, Jasmine terrace

Signature Breakfast Stallions presentation-

Selman Marrakesh : one-of-a-kind experiences guests can hardly forget

Morocco with 4 hotels nominated, Morocco remains the most nominated destination with Selman Marrakech nominated in Grand Prix Best Hotel in Africa,  Casablanca Hotel nominated in Best Business Hotel in Africa, Beldi Country Club nominated in Best Business Hotel in Africa and Mazagan Beach Resort nominated in Grand Prix Best Hotel in Africa.

Radisson Blu, Dakar

Radisson Blu, Dakar

In Senegal : The Radisson Blu Dakar nominated in Best Business Hotel in Africa


The Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara

Zambia The Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Hotel by Anantara is nominated in Grand Prix Best Hotel in Africa.

This 17th edition Villegiature Awards final winners in all categories on EMEA areas and in Asia will be announced next Oct. 14th in presence of major diplomats from all nominated countries along with the worldwide press at Château de Ferrières aside Paris, in France. All regularly registered hotels managers are invited, for others willing to assist at the event, it is necessary to check if they can register at the event.
In this regard it is compulsory to contact Romain Jousel at the organisation at [email protected].

Château de Ferrières, view on the park

Château de Ferrières, view on the park