Sponsoring policy

Since their creation in 2003, the Villegiature Awards gather very high-profile sponsors which do fit perfectly the very high level of this yearly competition for which the very best hotels in Europe do compete.
Ferrieres School specialised in high-end hospitality management, gastronomy and luxury, established within the iconic Château de Ferrières, aside Paris. Porcelaine de Raynaud, famous  chinaware manufacturer has produced the Villegiature trophies till 2019, Maison Elixia : the oldest lemonade factory in France as they operate since 1856, and finally D-Edge gathering both companies “Availpro” and”Fastbooking”  a dedicated group of companies to e-commerce solutions for hotels located worldwide .
Besides as of 2018 we enjoyed the kind support of Maison Champagne Ruinart, the first champagne house ever. It was the first established House of Champagne in 1729 in France.

In compensation for their financial support, the Villégiature Awards are committed to mention the names and logos of these sponsors on its communication and on its mails when in contact with the hotels’ owners and Directors.

By then, the V.A is committed to mention these logos and names to the mails sent to :

- To the press (through its regular communications related to the Jury final constitution in December/January, to the nomination results in May/June, to the final results in October and, after the ceremony results, to the events related to the winners in November and December.

- To our very rich database of Hotels owners and Managing Directors located in Europe. These latter(+/- 1800 in Europe) are contacted all over the year (at every listing update, at Jury composition, for eventual new categories, and at results stages. By then an average of 2300 official mails are regularly sent in all Europe including Russia, Trukey and Switezrland).

- To the publishers of major Editing Groups and publishing companies + Tour Operators

- To Tourism Offices all over Europe,

- To Ambassadors and Diplomatic staff