Sponsoring policy

Since their creation in 2003, the Villegiature Awards gather high-profile sponsors which do fit perfectly the very high level of this yearly competition for which the very best hotels in the world do compete :

The Maison Champagne Ruinart has been supporting Villegiature Awards for several years. Ruinart was founded 290 years ago. With a rich and complex history, Maison Ruinart has never stopped developping and promoting its own special art of living. And it can be largely appreciated in the world of high-end design hotels, luxury hotels , art hotels that are celebrated every year at Prix Villégiature Awards.
Please drink responsibly.

Starting in 2020, it is in a prestigious mansion located in the centre of Paris, opposite the Eiffel Tower. The site is a particularly high-end setting with exceptional views from this emblematic site located on the Paris “Champs de Mars” park, it is in this very unique place that the winners of the 2020 Villegiature Awards will be announced.

The VILLEGIATURE Awards trophies are made by the Maison RUYI as of 2020. RUYI is an eminent chinese brand : porcelain collections are lauded by discerning luminaries and personalities the world over. From architects, performance artists and historians, through to tea masters, chefs and sommeliers – all who revere Oriental wisdom and heritage, and, seek to bridge the past and the present, in full embrace of multi-sensorial experiences. Thoughtfully designed and handcrafted, RUYI prestigious porcelain collections feature tableware, tea-ware and objets d’art, to reflect distinct Chinese philosophies and characteristics, presented and reinterpreted for the 21st century.

Maison ELIXIA is producer of unique varieties of prestigious lemonades since 1856. ELIXIA’s been supporting the Prix Villégiature Awards for several years. Originally created by Faustin GIRARDET, ELIXIA lemonade has maintained its tradition and quality throughout its history. In 2000, the 6th generation of managers overhauled all packagings, developed a new brand image, and created flavoured lemonades, lemonades with small gold flakes, while always preserving the house’s extraordinary legacy. Manufacturing methods and recipes have not changed since 1856.

Finally, the D-EDGE group is a partner of the Villegiature Awards website for many years. D-EDGE is the European supplier of hotel distribution technologies N°1 and N°3 worldwide. It combines the technical excellence of Availpro and the digital marketing expertise of Fastbooking, two of the largest independent hotel marketing technology companies in the world.


In return for sponsoring, the VILLEGIATURE Awards undertake to mention the name and logo of the sponsoring partners in their communication when they are addressed to owners and managers of upscale hotels, design hotels, particularly creative, innovative by mail and e-mail.

This regular communication is therefore addressed to:

• hotel managers of luxury establishments (nearly 5,000 worldwide). They are contacted throughout the year (during the update of the listing, the constitution of the jury, the new categories, the new application file, and then the results of the “nominations” and “winners”). For each new edition, about several thousand letters are addressed to the owners, Presidents and General Managers of the most beautiful hotels in the world.
• to the media (through press releases published on the occasion of the jury’s appointment in December, nominations in June, results in October during the Awards ceremony, etc.)
• Directors of publishing houses and Tours Operators (contacted in the same way as hotelier
• to tourist offices in countries where several hotels have high-quality hotel candidate profiles,
• Ambassadors and diplomatic staff from the countries represented at Villegiature Awards and who wish to honour several hotels that are nominated at Villegiature Awards.

For more information, contact Remy directly, by clicking here : remyll@prix-villegiature.com